About Cara

There aren’t many things better than picking up my Kindle and getting completely sucked into a whole new world—where words morph into images and characters’ moods suddenly reflect my own. Aside from good plot and writing, for me, it boils down to relatable characters.

As a writer, I’m not finished until the men and women in my books come to life, until I can see them as real people, until I can connect with them. Which means I write what I want to read: everyday heroes and heroines who have the same struggles we all do. They evolve, have flaws, make mistakes and amends, learn, and find the endings they fight for.

Those are the characters who take the readers on a journey away from work, laundry, grocery shopping, and to-do lists.

When I’m not writing, researching, or brainstorming, I’m either planning my next trip (never-ending bucket list!), reading, watching hockey, or spending time with family and friends.

12 thoughts on “About Cara

  1. Duckie says:

    I’m so stoked that you are publishing that I’m doing a happy dance! I purchase other erotic fiction on Kindle and it seems that with very little exception, I find myself commenting that your work far exceeds that which is on the market! In fact, other than cracking up at Sophie Oak’s stories about Bliss, etc, I can’t say I’ve truly enjoyed anything I’ve purchased anywhere near the way I love the way you write! This is like another Christmas present as far as I’m concerned!!! Can’t wait for more Daddy kink!


  2. Chatterbox33 says:

    Congratulations, every time I’ve read one of your other works I’ve wondered why you’re not already published. I have no doubt you’ll be very successful.


  3. RobinB78 says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats babe!!! I have yet to read anything of yours I haven’t liked! I’m sure your published works will be winners!!!


  4. Karina says:

    Hey Cara Dee,
    I’m from Germany and I have to say that you have me hooked on all your amazing story’s and I can´t wait to read this story.
    Since I don´t know you it´s weird to say this but I’m kind of proud of you! You have come a long way…
    You are an sensational writer who knows how to create a world which sucks you in as soon as you begin to read it. It´s save to say that I´m obsessed with your story’s!
    So, I´d like to thank you for the amazing story’s that you blessed us with 😉

    P.S. Keep on writing because you´ve got some talent 🙂


  5. merryblake says:

    You know, I was telling my brother about how I’d been reading this woman’s fics thinking that she just get published already. You have so many stories in you! And I’m so, so glad to see that your first book will be Daddy kink 🙂 I will definitely be reading.


  6. lmc123 says:

    Have to agree with comment above. I have just re read our yellow house, love that book. You should pubnlish its a beautiful book. Just read your excerpt of follow up to aftermath. Can’t wait, and very pleased to hear we will get more cam and austin. Love cam and austin. Aftermath was my fav book last year, and i read 100s.


  7. vanessa2523 says:

    Hello again. I was just wondering about another novel you were working on I think it was going to be called “30” I believe. It just seem so good when I read a little preview on your site but now it seems I can’t find it anymore. Are you still planning on publishing the book?


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