Get Yourself Listed, Maybe

Hi. I like lists.

You know what they say, list-makers’ gonna list.

This is my compilation of chicks and dicks who work closely with authors. AKA, the hard-working people we wouldn’t have much to show for if they weren’t around. Okay, that’s a wonky sentence, but you get my drift. I’m running low on sleep and high on caffeine.

I’ve only just started this index, so I’ll be adding continuously to it. When it’s someone I’ve personally worked with in one way or another, I’ll add my own notes. This list will get a button on my website so I can access it easily. I’ll probably rearrange the categories as the list grows, but for now, here we go!

If you know someone who should be listed, don’t hesitate to drop a link. I’ll add anyone who’s been recommended by others. Of course, you can throw self-promo my way, too. That’s a big part of what we do. If you’re an editor or proofer, though, have a couple testimonials around and I’m happy.

The “maybe” in the title is because this is for me. I just like sharing the links and work by those who help authors. In short, this isn’t some must-have list, but every little bit of sharing helps, right? Plus, I’ll link to this in my newsletter, so there’s that. Now’s when I stop rambling. Jesus H Christmas.

Editing & Proofing

Lisa at Silently Correcting Your Grammar gets personally offended by typos and misplaced commas, and she works crazy hours to hunt them all down. She edits for New York Times bestsellers (and me! :P) and shares my passion for research and accuracy. She’s my HBIC.

Jeanne McDonald is another Grammar Nazi whose clients have made the New York Times bestseller list. Additionally, she’s one of the sweetest women I’ve met in our mad industry, and she works hard to promote her author friends.

Rach Lawrence Books. Rachel has both formatted and proofed for me, and I couldn’t be happier with her work. Her perspective is fresh, and if there’s one thing an author needs after staring at the same document for months and months it’s a new pair of eyes that see what you miss.

Love Infinity Proofreading.

Gwyneiira’s Editing Services.


Lindsey Gray Formatting Services.

Rach Lawrence Books.

Graphic Design

Jada D’Lee Designs did the covers for Aftermath and Outcome! Can’t say enough good things about her; she’s funny, so talented, and very accommodating.

Under Cover Designs.

Mayhem Cover Creations knows excellent design. I don’t even know what to say. It’s probably best to let her portfolio speak for itself because holy crap.

PA Services & PR Agencies

Eliza at Eliza Rae Services definitely goes the extra mile. She’s very professional, works hard, and has years of experience in everything I struggle with when all I want to do is write. You know, math and silly things like that. This woman, though, gets off on spreadsheets, feels at home in Excel, and lights up at a new challenge. I’m lucky to call her my PA. You can, too!

Neda at Ardent Prose PR was amazing to work with for my relaunch of Touch: The Complete Series. I’m filing her under #CareerGoals and hope to be able to work with her again soon.

Pretty Little Book Promotion & PA Services.

IndiGo Marketing & Design.

Signal Boost PR.

Jennifer at Jennifer R. Promotions is a friend and part of my Street Crew. She’s a sweetheart who stops at nothing to pimp out the authors she takes on.

Gay Book Promotions.

More coming soon

Always looking for indie swag makers…

Pssst. Uncomplicated Choices was released today!

When life gave you lemons, you learned who stayed and made lemonade with you. Or something to that effect. And the day Ellis Hayes kidnapped me—or, he borrowed a yacht and didn’t know I was on board—he’d definitely been handed too many lemons.

We faced a dilemma when I woke up hungover in the middle of the ocean. He needed to get the hell out of town to do some soul searching and decide whether or not to divorce his wife, and I needed to get back on land because humans didn’t belong on the water. There was also better cell service on land, and I had my four-year-old daughter on vacation in Paris to check in with.

Then I remembered I wasn’t a complete tool. Ellis wasn’t doing all right, and we were practically family. I had to stay and make lemonade with him. Of course, me being me, seemingly un-dateable and complicated, I had to develop feelings for him, too.